​Summer Savings Have Arrived at Cope Marine!

Save Big This Summer at Cope Marine

Save Big This Summer at Cope Marine!

Enjoy warm summer days the way they were meant to be enjoyed: on the water from a paddle board! At Cope Marine, we're offering special summer discounts on the models listed below, so stop by and pick one up today!

Airhead Inflatable Paddle Board

Lake Cruiser SUP

Airhead Inflatable Paddle BoardSOLD Lake Cruiser SUP (1)SOLD
Was $903 | Now: $597 Was $999 | Now $808

Lake Cruiser

Touring SUP

Lake Cruiser (1)SOLD Touring SUP2
Was $999 | Now $743 Was $1,199 | Now $871

Touring SUP

WOW Rover

Touring SUP Blue WOW Rover
Was $1,199 | Now $808 Was $649.99 | Now $609.99

WOW Zino

WOW Zino
Was $749.99 | Now $709.99